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Japanese Light Tank Type 95 Ha-Go Tracks

Kit #: GM-72-016 Preview by Wayne Bowman - [Contributor's Email Address Here](at)[Domain Name Here]
Edited by Al Magnus

Well known for their fine line of turned brass barrels for armour, aircraft and ships, as well as some magnificent pitot tubes in multiple scales, Master Models from Poland has recently released something a bit different for us Braille Scale modellers in the form of some replacement tracks for IBG's Type 95 Ha-Go.

IBG's tracks for the Type 95 have an innovative one piece design, that incorporate realistic track sag and drop effortlessly onto the running gear. The down side is a lack of accurate detail on the inner and outer surfaces and guide teeth, owing to the limitations of current injection moulding techniques. So to help us out, Master have given us some pretty nifty 3D printed tracks, delivered in a sturdy plastic packaging with a foam insert to prevent the tracks from rattling around and potentially being damaged in transit. Not only do these provide MUCH better detail, but also, once separated from the delicate support structure, simply drop right in to replace their injection molded equivalents. The geometry is identical to the kit parts, so you can't get much more "plug and play" than this. The tracks are labeled left and right so as to ensure that the surface separated from the support structure faces the hull. As can see on the extreme macro images, there are some light layer striations, but they're barely perceptible with the naked eye, and will likely be even less visible under a coat of leveling primer.

While labeled specifically for IBG's Type 95, the tracks will also works equally well on IBG's Type 4 Ke-Nu.

Nothing but good news here. I really hope that Master and IBG cooperate in the future to make more "drop in" tracks like this. It's seams the perfect balance of accuracy, detail, and ease of assembly. Innovative design meets new technology.

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Article Last Updated: 24 August 2022