WW II Panzer Tank Crew (Winter)

MIG Productions (# 72-010)

Several months ago, I bought the Preiser German Tank Crew set, which is a fabulous collection of figures, but all of them are suited to a temperate climate! None are appropriate for the desert, nor for winter fighting. But now, thanks to this timely release by MIG, one of those deficiencies has been addressed. As you can see, there are five crew figures here, all of which are partial figs (some more so than others) with separate arms. Although separate heads would have also been nice, we would have lost the ability to make thick collars, scarves, etc. The hands are very well done, even the ones wearing mittens. It is not possible to measure their total height, but based on other body proportions, I would say that these are fairly large figures, and may not be appropriate for 1/76th scale vehicles, except as the occasional "big guy."

The quality of the parts is excellent, with only minor pinhole air bubbles along the shoulder end of some arms that can easily be filled when gluing the arms to the body. These are superb figures. Now, when can we expect an Afrika Corps set?

Thank you to Alvaro Rodríguez Mosquera and MIG Productions for the review sample.

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