WW II European City Building
Review by Doug Chaltry - 5 April 2003 Kit No. 72-009
As a rule, I don't include diorama scenery on this site, only vehicles, weapons and figures. But since MIG Productions was kind enough to send me this review sample, I thought it best to post a short preview. There really is nothing much to say about the piece that you can't see for yourself. It is a ruined building in three pieces, with only the exterior detailed. I am not sure what type of buidling it represents; probably an office building, since the doors and windows are so large. Given their size, I don't think it would be appropriate as a residential building. The craftsmanship is superb. The wall surface of plaster/concrete is blown and chipped away to expose the brick beneath. Bullet holes are abundant, and have a logical pattern (i.e., not in a straight line, as Hollywood does it). The box has step-by-step painting instructions on the back. I look forward to using this for my first diorama.

Thank you to Alvaro Rodríguez Mosquera and MIG Productions for the review sample.

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