SS German Winter Tankers at Rest

MIG Productions (# 72-070)

by Dave Showell

Another set of Resin figures from MIG Productions, and once again they are fantastic. You get three SS tankers wearing winter gear. I suppose they don't have to be SS but they're pretty well equipped for Whermact. Two have stripped off their parkas but are wearing the heavy snow pants. One of these is leaning nonchanlantly against the side of a tank (or anything else, I guess). The figure with the parka is wearing an officer's or non com's peaked cap. When I first received this set, I thought, "hey, the arms have been "short shot" - there are no hands!" On looking closely however, I noticed that the figure is standing with his hands in his pockets - the arms fit beautifully into holes at his waist with the parka hiked up around them. Fantastic.

I hope MIG branches out soon to non-winter and non-German subjects.

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