Modern Russian AFV Crew

MIG Productions (# 72-041)

Another modern set, this time, a winter Russian crew, labeled as Afghanistan era, but likely suitable for other modern winter settings as well. One complete, and two partial figures for use in modern Russian AFV's, with interchangeable heads. The complete figure measures just over 25mm tall, including hat, so that puts him at about 1.8 m or just under 6 ft tall.

One figure has a tanker's helmet, and the other two are wearing felt hats. The facial expressions are fantastic, and easily distinguishable between the three. All parts are well cast and bubble-free. Excellent figures. Considering the recent release of a couple of Merkavas, hopefully we'll see some Israeli tankers soon too (and how about some French for the Revell Leclerc and Heller VAB? And while I'm on the subject of wish lists, I'd also like to see some Russian crew in temperate and tropical uniforms too. Am I being too demanding? :)

Thank you to Alvaro Rodríguez Mosquera and MIG Productions for the review sample.

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