German Paratroopers
Review by Doug Chaltry - 12 July 2004 Kit No. MP.72-059

How often do we get figure sets that come with 32 parts for only three figures? This is a testament to MIG's attention to detail with this particular set of German Paratroopers. The figures are molded with separate heads, arms and equipment, which allows not only for better and more 3-dimensional detail, but also gives us the ability to personalize our figures to a certain extent. As with all of MIG's figures, the molding and casting are first-rate, and the only blemishes on this set are on a single row of parts indicated above, with an air bubble marring each of the three pieces on that stick. Poor quality control here, as that stick should never have been bagged up. Aside from that small defect, these figures are perfect.

Thanks once again to Michael Hatch for providing this review set.

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