Hanomag WD50 Volkettenschlepper

Kit # 80/216

Preview by Tony 'Panzer 46' Ivey - panzer1946(at)msn(dot)com
Edited by Rob Haelterman

1. History

Preciously little is to be found on the net about this vehicle, but assuming this vehicle is the same as the WD Z50, and assuming www.hanomag-tractors.tk/Raupenschlepper.html is correct than this is a vehicle of the 1921-1931 period equiped with a 50hp engine which allowed it to attain a leisurly 4mph.


2. The kit

Material: Resin  

Quality: Casting is good with little flash and good detail on the kit

Parts: 10 pieces (hull, driver's compartment, x2 track assemblies, muffler, canopy, x2 steering levers, hand crank, hitch)

Instructions: Simple profile drawing

Packaging: Zip-Lock bags

Additional: another never-before made kit of an unusual subject .



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Article Last Updated: 11 April 2009