Japanese Motordreirad 3x2 Typ 1 Kurogane

Kit #: 80/162 Preview by José M. Teja - jm_teja(at)hotmail(dot)com
Edited by Al Magnus

This motor tricycle was adapted from civilian use to serve as a light cargo vehicle and personnel carrier for both the Imperial Japanese Army and Navy. It had a V-2 gasoline engine, air-cooled, that drove both rear wheels through a differential.

The model is composed of 11 resin pieces that come in a small resealable plastic bag. There are neither instructions nor decals included, just a small blue paper with the product information and a side drawing of the vehicle.

This is a really cute little kit, well detailed all around, with only some light flash and a couple of plugs at the lower rear end of the cargo bed to be cleaned.

From the few pictures I could find of this motorcycle, I think that the wheels on this model look a bit heavy and will need some work, but that’s a minor issue on what seems to be a fairly accurate representation.

References: Lonesentry.com

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Article Last Updated: 18 January 2012