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Kit #: LM 72002
Preview by Marc Mercier

This set is a further development of the Zanus Bergepanther resin conversion set, keeping the good points and correcting most of the bad ones. See the Zanus review here.

The owner has also changed the name of the company in Lucanus. Initially I was a bit confused what this conversion exactly offered? The hull instruction sheet mentions both the Bergepanther Ausf A and G whereas the winch construction sheet limits the choice to the Ausf A. However, after studying the possibilities provided (type of crane, side mounts, internal winch support beam,...), I confirm that this is an Ausf A conversion set which cannot be used on the Ausf G without some (minor) adaptations.

What is in the box?

This conversion set comprises the parts needed to build the typical rectangular box which replaced the Panther turret (the Ladebrücke), the big winch, some interior details of the forward compartment, the large spade, the crane and the majority of numerous attachment points and small fittings all around the hull (like the two pushing pads on the nose).

In total, you get 30 parts for the winch and a length of metal wire and 46 resin parts for the hull. Everything was packed in a sturdy cardboard box.

The hull

All the parts in my sample were crisply moulded and no air bubbles are present. Flash is very limited. Some of them are really thin which makes them fragile and will require extreme caution to clean up and attach. See here some of the fittings for the hull.

The manufacture also includes several long (and very thin) parts (e.g. for the crane), see picture. I don't consider myself an inexperienced modeller, but I have no clue how those two rods at the bottom of the picture can be cut away from their pouring block without breaking them. Even if you should succeed, how long will they last on the model?

To me, including this kind of parts in resin for the sake of being complete seems pretty useless. Why not just provide some brass rod in the correct thickness and only the connection points in resin?

This set provides you with two kinds of towing devices : early and late extended.

A mid type also existed but is not included.

The late extended towing device (Zwischenstange), which is represented in this set in three parts, misses the central support. See the picture, taking from Panzer Tracts 16-1.

Compared with the Zanus set, Lucanus has now corrected the shape of the spade support.

The wooden floor of the Ladebrücke is cast in one piece, but I didn't find a proper way yet to insert it into the superstructure, due to the presence of a rim on both the upper and underside of that box.

Some other pictures of the hull parts.

Like the Zanus set, most of the dimensions are spot on for 1/72. See here for the comparing pictures of the Zanus review.

The big unditching beam often carried on the side of the central box is not provided. However, this omission can be easily corrected by using some square styrene.
The AA MG mounts often seen on later vehicles on top of the two periscopes covers are also included in the set.

Two kinds of spades are included :

On the inside, seats for the crew :

The glacis 20mm gun support :

The winch

A nicely detailed winch is included as is the rear support beam to install it in a Ausf A (The one for the Ausf G has a different shape). A quick inspection reveals that the winch itself is correctly reproduced, but you'll have to scratch the connection pieces to install into the belly of the vehicle.

The real winch had two metal protection bars over it and although the conversion set doesn't include PE, it provides these bars in resin, but for a better scale effect the modeller can use them as folding aids for shaping some surplus PE rod. Needless to say, the winch itself is a complicated construction, but the instruction sheet contains some nice drawings from different sides, which should take you through the building process without too much trouble. The result is already a little gem using just the parts provided in the set. With some extra superdetailing, it can be turned into a masterpiece.

The two instruction sheets (one for the winch and one for the hull), backed up by two parts lists, are sufficient to execute the conversion. They do not only contain some nice images, they even give the exact place where to glue the small fittings on the hull, something often forgotten in resin kits.

Most of the conversion should be straightforward. The biggest challenge will be to remove part of the upper structure on the original Panther hull to allow the Ladebrücke to be installed.

According to the producer, this preview set is still a prototype as the designer still hasn't finished the masters of some parts for the driver compartment set (transmission, torsion bar, driver/radio operator seats and instrument/radio panels,...).
So, I guess the finalized production set should contain a number of extra parts which will make it even more complete.

Which kit to use?

Lucanus proposes the Ausf D Panther kit from Dragon or Zvedza for conversion into a Bergepanther Ausf A. This is not a mistake as the Bergepanther Ausf A had no MG Kugelblende, but instead used the same MG port as the Panther Ausf D. Besides, you don't need the turret.
The Revell Panther Ausf D/A could also be a possibility, because it gives you the option between a Kugelblende and the MG port.


This set is one of the finest conversion sets I’ve seen in a long time. Although it is not a set for the novice, anybody with a bit of “resin experience” should be able to use it without too much trouble.

Highly recommended


PANZER TRACTS No 16-1 Bergepanther Ausf D,A,G by Thomas Jentz & Hilary Doyle and Lukas Friedli. This Panzer Tracts book unravels the different versions of the Bergepanther, with superb scale drawings and sharp black & white photos. Highly recommended.

Review sample supplied by Lucanus Models

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Article Last Updated: 22 October 2015