Sherman 76mm T-23 Turret
Kit #: 72C23 Preview by Doug Chaltry

<<Scan by Al Magnus>>
This turret is intended to be used on any late version Sherman hull to make the 76mm-armed version of this famous tank. I believe it was designed to fit the Italeri (ESCI) M4A1 Sherman, but it can theoretically be used on any of the Sherman kits available today, with some modification to the respective turret rings. There is a cast steel texture to the turret surface, the commander's hatch is molded open, and the .50cal MG is much nicer than the ESCI machinegun (though not as nice as Dragon's). The loader's hatch is unfortunately molded closed, and like several resin replacement turrets from other companies, the hatch sits above the roof, when in fact it should be flush with the roof when closed.

It appears as though this piece may have been based on the Hasegawa turret, but if so, it has been heavily modified. The turret roof behind the gun mantlet has been improved as have the turret sides, though the cheeks may need to be sloped just a little bit more. The bustle is a bit too wide, though it should be easy to narrow it down some with a grinder. In profile view, the turret appears flattened, which will be very difficult to correct. I really like the casting numbers on the turret roof. The two pieces pictured in the scan on their molding block below the gun barrel are the machinegun storage brackets for the turret rear.

Thanks to Alain Levesque of Leva Productions for this review sample.

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Article Last Updated: 29 January 2010