M4A2 Upgrade

Manufacturer: LEVA Productions (Kit # 72-C-21)

This is a new set donated to On The Way! from Todd McKendrick. But I have some question as to what exactly this set is supposed to represent. My specific question is concerning which Sherman kit this set is designed to supplement. As one can see in the scan, this set includes a new turret of the early style (without hatch for the loader), a .50cal machinegun, and two pieces of wooden stand-off armor for the hull sides. This armor was a common feature on M4A2s in use by the US Marine Corps, which is where this set gets its name from, I assume. However, the only M4A2 Sherman kit available in this scale is a resin conversion from MR Models, which is designed for the Italeri (former-ESCI) M4A1 Sherman kit. This set from Leva does not convert an M4A1 to an M4A2, nor would it be appropriate to use it on the Italeri M4A1 kit, so as of now, it is of limited use (except on the MR Models M4A2 Sherman).

As for the quality of this set, it looks fantastic. The wooden side panels in particular are very well done. The turret has a really nice cast texture to it, which all plastic Sherman kits are lacking, and the machinegun is a darn sight better than the kit piece.

Since Leva apparently is no longer producing, I am uncertain as to the future availability of this set.

Thanks very much for the contribution, Todd. It will look dynamite on the MR Models kit.

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