Sherman Firefly Turrets
Kit #: 72C12 & 72C12/1 Preview by Doug Chaltry

<<Scan by Al Magnus>>
LEVA markets two Firefly turret sets: an early turret without the commander's all-around vision cupola, and a late version that has this cupola installed. The scan above is of the parts for the late version turret. The photos below (by Stephen Brezinski) show the late turret assembled and painted, and the early turret unbuilt. As you can see, the only differences between the two is the commander's cupola on the late turret, and the smoke genade launcher opening on the early turret. The late turret has instead a rack mounted on the right side of the turret for the smoke launchers.

(photo by Stephen Brezinski)

(photo by Stephen Brezinski)

In addition to the turrets, each set includes the 17pdr cannon barrel and rotor shield, the armored plate that covers the now-vacant hull machinegun opening (actually, two of these parts are included), open hatches and two of the unique British hull storage bins.

I am very happy with this turret. All of the details unique to the Firefly are included, such as the square loader's hatch and the radio box mounted on the turret rear. The periscope covers, ventilators and other details are nicely represented, as is a delicate cast texture to the turret armor. I like that the two turret hatches are molded open, and that the rotor shield is molded to the gun barrel, rather than the turret face, so that the gun can be attached at various elevations. Unfortunately, the cannon barrel, in addition to being warped, is about 2mm too short. Thankfully, we have several after-market options for replacement barrels in turned aluminum.

These are very nice sets. In addition to their high quality, the late version turret has the added appeal that it is the only available Firefly turret, in resin or plastic, that has the late commander's cupola.

Thanks to Alain Levesque of Leva Productions for this review sample.

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Article Last Updated: 29 January 2010