By Josť Ventura - jmqtv(at)

Manufacturer: C.C. LEE (#09002)

What you Get:


What can I say, this is a "snap together" kit, remember me some of the '70 models, from brands like MIDORI and Eidai-Grip. I almost made the model, in the next 5 minutes, after buying it, and this tells a lot about it.

Now, some serious talk, this is a very simple kit, depicting a BergePanther, build on a Ausf. D or early Ausf. A hull. The tracks are made of a single piece. If the wheels are more or less well detailed - with 24 bolts - the tracks, sprockets and idler are not.

While the overall dimensions (using the Classic Squadron/Signal Publication and Waldemar TROJCA TANKPower, from AJ.Press) are correct for this scale, the task of detailing this "beast" will be enormous. For example the interior, have a single piece for the driving compartment (very similar to the one from the old NittoKagaku Panther Ausf. G in 1/76…), while the "Cargo" area is at least skimpy…

The great advantage, is the price, because this is really cheap (at least in Europe), so you could always buy a Revell Panther Ausf. D/A together with some bibliography, for the price of similar offerings from CMK, EXOKit or FSF, just to name a few. If you are exclusively a wargamer, and/or having a 100% correct model, is not a priority for you, this is the model for you, because with some few additions, some spare equipment and a good painting job will give an interesting model. But, if you are interested in something more, be prepare to work a lot, as this model will only give you the basics, and all the rest depends on your hands…

Overall an "interesting model" which great virtue is to be the only one in this scale in plastic.

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