Skoda S-1-D Tankette

Kit A7214

Preview by Miro Baric - baricz(at)
Edited by Rob Haelterman

The Czechoslovak company Skoda produced a lot of tankette prototypes before WWII. None of them made it to series production with one exception: the S-1-D. This little tank hunter with a crew of two was armed with a 37 mm gun and one MG. It looks quite like a downsized StuG. Only 8 tankettes were produced in 1937 for Yugoslavia, where they were designated as T-32. They fought in 1941 against the German avalanche.
Yugoslavia planned to order another 108 pieces of a better model S-1-J with a 47 mm gun. These plans were halted by the German occupation of the Czech lands in 1939.

Inside the tiny box you will find 35 resin pieces and a small PE fret with minute details. The biggest part is the hull, which is 4,5 cm long. I've found some air bubbles on the hull, but fortunately, they are on the lower part, so they will be covered by the suspension. Speaking of the suspension: some of the wheels will be difficult to remove from their casting blocks and the tracks are provided in several straight sections , which you must bend around the sprocket and idler.

No decals are provided as you don't need any. Real vehicles served in 3-color scheme without any visible markings.

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Article Last Updated: 06 October 2009