Bricks - red mix (2000 pieces)
Kit # 27040 Preview by Rob Haelterman heman_148(at)

This set contains 2000 ceramic bricks in slightly varying shades of "brick red". (At least, I have to take Juweela's word for it that there are indeed 2000, I haven't actually counted them.)
Each brick is 0.36cm x 0.18cm x 0.09cm (0.14" x 0.07" x 0.04" for the 'imperialists'), which is actually quite tiny, and seemingly suitable for your average brick in 1/72. Honestly, I think they look more like paving tiles, as the regular brick in my home country is slightly more square in cross-section. Also, the German designation for this set is "Ziegelsteine" , which translates as "tile-stone". For more info see this site.
The surface of each tile has a realistic rough texture and an occasional air bubble. The latter can be easily modified with the point of a cutter to simulate wear. More wear can probably be simulated with pastel powder and/or oil washes.
While not exactly cheap, I believe this set will do very nicely on any diorama with damaged buildings, saving the modeler huge amounts of time.

The set comes in a posh silver corrugated cardboard box with wrapper. Inside, the bricks are protected by their individual plastic bag and thick foam pad.

Note that this review is more than likely also applicable for sets 27037, 27038, 27039, 27041 and 27042, as they contain the same bricks, only in different quantities.

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Article Last Updated: 28 July 2009