German Infantry - Panzergrenadiere

These are essentially the same figures as were originally released by ESCI, but with a couple of improvements. First, the molds have been cleaned up considerably, so the molding quality is much improved, with no flash, and very minor molding seams along the edges of the figures. Second, the plastic that Italeri is using is much more firm than the really soft, flexible, vinyl-like plastic ESCI used. The new stuff is not quite as hard as the styrene used for the AFV kits, but its increased rigidity makes it easier to cut and trim the figures. I have not yet tried gluing any parts, so I don't yet know if this stuff glues any easier.

Whether it's simply the new plastic, or the clean molds, or a combination of the two, the result is that the detail on these figures is much sharper and cleaner than on the old figures as well.

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