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Sherbrooke Fusiliers Regiment Sherman III

  Preview by - Al Magnus

On occasion the Canadian national chapter will issue decals sheets with their member publication, Random Thoughts, or RT for short. Decal releases in past years have mainly focused on Canadian aircraft markings but there has been at least one previous armour release of generic Canadian badges and flashes in 1/35 scale. This decal sheet, inserted into the Fall 2010, Volume 32 Number 4 issue of RT, is as far as I know the first set of decals exclusively for Canadian armour, and the first addressing 1/72 scale (or 1/48 scale for that matter).

The subject of the sheet is Sherman III tanks of the Sherbrooke Fusilier Regiment in Normandy 1944, and the sheet contains decals for 1/72, 1/48 and 1/35 scale vehicles. The Sherbrooke Fusiliers Regiment was chosen as the subject due to their apparent hand in the death of Tiger I ace Michael Wittmann during a fire fight in the vicinity of Gaumesnil on August 8, 1944 during Operation TOTALIZE. Though nobody will really know which unit was actually responsible for Wittmann's demise, there is a strong case in favour of the Sherman IIIs of A Squadron of the Sherbrooke Fusiliers being the victors.

As for the decals, for all three scales you get:

    For use on Mj. Radley-Walters' Sherman III:
  • one air identification US Star in a circle
  • three blue A Squadron triangles
  • two 'CARIBOU I' script, the tank name of Mj. Radley-Walters' Sherman III.
  • two red squares (53) with white bar for Corps Troops Arm of Service flashes for Sherbrooke Fusiliers
  • two maple leaf Formation Signs for 2nd Canadian Armoured Brig. (blue/black background)

  • Also on the sheet are decals for the following units:
  • two red squares (55) Arm of Service flashes for the Royal Regiment of Canada
  • two red squares (56) Arm of Service flashes for Royal Hamilton Light Infantry
  • two maple leaf Formation Signs for 4th Canadian Infantry Div. (solid blue background)
  • These units were parts of the 4th Canadian Infantry Division. They were working with Mj. Radley-Walters during Phase One of Operation TOTALIZE, and so were in fairly close proximity during the action at Gaumesnil.

Decal printing appears to excellent. Register is good and the ink density appears to be opaque enough to prevent any sort of bleed through on the white portions from the dark green underlying camouflage.

No instructions come with the sheet. You need to refer to two RT issues:

  • Fall 2010, Volume 32 Number 4, article "Action at Gaumesnil Part 1 - The Attack", pg.17-22 by IPMS Canada member Gary Barling. The article's focus is on building a 1/35 scale Dragon Sherman III to represent the tank of A Squadron commander Mj. Sydney Radley-Walters - CARIBOU I. Apparently there is no photographs available of Radley-Walters' tank, so his Sherman and its markings are based on photographic evidence of Sherbrooke Fusilier tanks prior to and subsequently following the Normandy engagement, and from telephone conversations with Radley-Walters. Though the article is based on a 1/35 scale build, it can be used to guide the builder through the steps to build a smaller braille version.

  • Winter 2011, Volume 33 Number 1, Sherman III colour artwork on pg.7 by Gary Barling and Bob Migliardi, which was omitted in the previous RT issue above.


Review sample purchased by the author.

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Article Last Updated: 01 March 2011