Krupp L2H143 Kfz.70

Kit # 72451 Preview by Rob Haelterman

As we already have a construction review of this kit by Francesco Giovagnorio and of the sister kit, the Krupp L2H143 Kfz.69 with Pak36, by Al Magnus, there is little I need to add, except perhaps the scans of the sprues, decals and instructions.

The top sprue is common with the sister kit, while the lower sprue is specific for this kit.

The decal sheet and marking options are specific for this kit as well. You get two marking options:
- Hermann Göring Regt., Russia, 1942;
- 6 Pz.Div. Russia 1941. The tactical insignia is that of an Infanteriekompanie (mot) or a Pz.Gren.Kp. ungep., and more specifically the seventh company.

Both are in "Panzergray".

You get four licence plate combinations, however, and some spare decals:
- Decal 10 is a smaller version of decal 9. This is actually the insignia of Gen.Kdo. Flak-Korps II, which vehicles of HG displayed when attached to the Flak-Korps.
- Decal 14 is given 4 times, while in my opinion it is only needed twice. (The kit instructions also show it applied to the sides, which I think is a mistake.) Note that this marking was only used from 1941 onwards.

- The tactical sign for the 5th Infantry Company is also given.


Note that the vehicle was in production between 1933 and 1941, was in use until the end of the war and saw many interesting modifications, as illustrated here (and references therein).





Review sample kindly purchased by author.

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