M4 Sherman

Manufacturer: HäT Industries (Kit #99001)

As is completely obvious from this scan, this kit is meant to be a quick and simple model. According to HäT, they intend this model for wargamers, i.e., inexpensive, easy and fast to build, but also an accurate replica. They have succeeded. Note that each box sold in stores includes two complete models.

The model is very simple: only eight parts. No instructions were included with the review sample I was provided, but none are really necessary either. As you can see, the hull is fairly bare of smaller details, such as headlights, tools, lift rings, etc., which need to be added by the modeler, if desired. Also the tracks are over-simplified, and lacking guide teeth.

The model is surprisingly correct for such a simple kit. It represents the early M4 with the 56 degree slope to the front hull, and applique armor plating over the hull ammunition storage bins. This is the first time this hull type has been produced in 1/72nd scale. The conversion potential is immense. According to Sherman - A History of the American Medium Tank, by R.P. Hunnicutt, the kit scales almost perfectly to 1/72nd (just about 1mm too wide).

Thank you to HäT for providing the review sample.

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