Soviet GAZ-4 pick-up truck

Kit #: GZ-001 Preview by Simon Ashford - simon(dot)jashford(at)btinternet(dot)com
Edited by Al Magnus

This model comes in a very sturdy cardboard box, with all the parts in a single plastic bag, which was itself well protected by bubble wrap. In the bag there are several sprues of resin parts, a PE fret plus 2 lengths of fine brass rod and a sheet of clear plastic with printed outlines of the 4 windows.

There is an instruction sheet. This is somewhat basic with images of the parts on their relevant sprues with key numbers, some exploded views of some sub-assemblies, principally the PE, including a windscreen wiper, cab mirror and the rear lights. On the back of the sheet are 3 photos of an assembled, unpainted model, with part numbers relating back to the sprue images. All text is in Cyrillic. As I say basic, but if you have the ability to acquire this model I anticipate you have the knowledge to use these instructions.

There are no painting instructions, nor are there any decals. The nearest to painting instructions are the box top image which seems to show a vehicle in a single, gloss colour, but with white walled tyres. I suspect that much of the production was, as Ford would have said, "any colour providing it's black"; some of the vehicles taken into military service may have had drab green body work, but chassis and mudguards were likely black.

The 2 rods are the side rails for the rear cargo compartment: and these present my only serious issue with this model. The rods already have slight bending which I doubt can be adequately straightened out. Once again I intend to use fine plastic rod.

Five of the sprues have 2 mouldings, each being halves of the wheel assemblies, this being the manufacturer's resolution of the spoked wheel conundrum. Glue both halves together, and then file the wheel edges down to lose any seam. I think that this will work.

The other parts seem well moulded and I believe they will fit together cleanly. The cab comes as complete moulded unit but the window areas have a fine film of flash which will press/cut out cleanly to allow the gluing of the clear plastic. Interior detail will need to be fitted and painted before final assembly.

I have limited reference information for this model but suspect that it will be an attractive addition to any diorama, or indeed as a standalone model.

Preview sample purchased by the author.

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Article Last Updated: 23 September 2017