Dragon's teeth

Kit # R72003 & R72012 Review by Rob Haelterman - heman_148(at)hotmail(dot)com

G.E.M. offers us various diorama accessories, among which one finds these two sets of "dragon's teeth".

Set 72003 contains 12 "teeth" of a slender type (approx. 5x5x13mm). Casting is smooth, pinholes very few and only a little flash to be removed at the base (or integrated in the diorama base). Some "damage" is present on certain obstacles, but it is unclear if this is due to the casting process or intentional. I would guess it to be intentional as it seems very realistic.

Set 72012 is similar but contains a far larger type of obstacle (18x18x18mm). Texture is quite rough, giving a very convincing concrete look, and some are realistically damaged (no question of it being intentional here). It seems that none of these 6 teeth is identical. The teeth might perhaps be a bit on the large side (but according to my sources, they sometimes were), which is exactly the reason why they are also marketed for the 1/48 market.

They would do great on an Atlantic Wall or Siegfried Line diorama.


R72003 to the left. R72012 to the right.


Sample kindly provided by Garage Exclusive Models.

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Article Last Updated: 21 April 2011