Kit # R72002 Review by Rob Haelterman - heman_148(at)hotmail(dot)com

This resin set contains 11 parts for:
- stone-walled well with a segment of soil
- wooden roof with supports
- pulley assembly
- bucket
- an unidentified part, which looks like a roller (not mentioned in the small manual)

You will have to make a rope to attach the bucket to the pulley, but that does not seem too hard to do.

Some cleanup to remove flash and the occasional air-bubble will be required, as will some sanding to remove excess resin on the backside of some parts due to open molds being used.
You also might want to open up the well and have a diorama base with some depth to accommodate the actual well-shaft.

This set would do well in a dio with a figure hauling watercans. (In case they are German jerrycans, don't forget to mark them with a white cross.)

Sample kindly provided by Garage Exclusive Models.

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Article Last Updated: 15 June 2010