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Sophia's Balcony

Kit #: FCH2020 Review by - Al Magnus

The kit comes in a stury corrugated cardboard box that opens from the top. Inside you get a diorama-in-a-box comprised of 19 pieces. The resin items are cast in a bone white coloured resin.
Kit includes:  

Dimensions for the large resin parts is as follows:
  Top Bottom

All of the resin pieces have been cast to a high quality. Pin holes or voids are non-existant. Flash was found only on the railing parts for the balcony. According to the manufacturer, "The inspiration for this diorama came from actual buildings seen throughout Southern France and Italy, and would be perfect for displaying WW2 military vehicles that operated in these countries". I would venture to say that this set does not necessarily need to be used for WW2 dioramas, but could be used for any date in the 20th & 21st centuries. A nice touch is the inclusion of felt pads to put on the bottom of the base.

Review sample provided by David Gurinskas of Full Circle Hobbies.

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Article Last Updated: 10 September 2012