Forces of Valor

German King Tiger

Kit #: 87009 Preview by Kevin Liang - kevin_liang123(at)yahoo(dot)ca
Edited by Al Magnus

Again, I apologize for my pictures, the way Unimax moulded the parts made scanning difficult.

The kit has 53 parts, in three plastic sprues, 1 vinyl sprue, upper turret, upper/lower hulls, decal plus instruction sheets. One commander figure is included. The parts have very little to zero flash.

The tracks are one piece vinyl. The details are acceptable. But as usual, link and length tracks are better. On the Abrams it is okay, but the vinyl tracks won't show the track sag on the King Tiger. Tracks are supposed to be linked by using a super glue. The commander figure is well done.

The roadwheels are simplified. The inner wheels are linked. Even so, the wheels are still better than those in the ESCI/Italeri, which are double-wide. Forces of Valor's linked wheels cannot be seen when built, but the ESCI/Italeri double wide wheels are very obvious. The drive sprocket has a bit of flash to clean up.

Unimax tank kits only have the commander's hatch moulded open. In this case, the hatch can be closed. The gun comes pre-drilled. The gun can be built so it can elevate or depress.

The upper hull is moulded in one piece along with the side skirts. The details are sufficient, however it is missing weld seams on the side hull where it connects with the frontal hull. All other weld seams seem to exist however. The seam around the MG port is a very nice touch. Unfortunately, pioneer tools are moulded on, and don't have sufficient depth.

Lower hull is moulded as a one piece tub. Side hull details are nonexistent, but fully built, the lack of details won't show anyway.

The decals are slightly out of register... and there's only three decals! Some additional choices would've been nice.

This kit is a simplified version of the King Tiger, nothing much to it.

The kit has issues with missing/simplified details, closed hatches (common to all Unimax tank kits), moulded on tools, and vinyl tracks.

Again, like the M1A2 kit, the King Tiger has decent enough details. The kit can still used in dioramas. Novice modellers may like the single piece vinyl tracks, and the simple clean up/build. For the more skilled modellers, this is a good kit to practice new tricks. All Unimax kits are relatively cheap compared to DML/Revell/Trumpeter kits, so that is a plus. Recommended with reservations.

Review sample purchased by the author.

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Article Last Updated: 16 September 2012