Forces of Valor

U.S. M1A2 Abrams

Kit #: 87015 Preview by Kevin Liang - kevin_liang123(at)yahoo(dot)ca
Edited by Al Magnus

This M1A2 Abrams is from the 1/72 Unimax (Forces of Valor) kit line. When fully constructed, it is supposed to depict an M1A2 in service with the 4th Infantry Division in 2003, fighting in Baghdad, Iraq.

I apologize for my scanner, it was a pain to get all the parts on the bed.

The kit has 70 parts in three plastic sprues, one vinyl sprue, upper and lower hulls. A commander figure is included. The parts have very little to zero flash.

The tracks are one piece vinyl type. The details are not bad, but link and length tracks are much better. The tracks are supposed to be linked with super glue. The roadwheels and drive sprockets are decent, but the Revell ones are better.


The commander seems a bit over scale, but it is a decent figure, with little to no flash. The instructions are easy to follow.

Unimax tank kits (Abrams, Tiger I, Tiger II, Panzer III, KV-2) only have the commander's hatch moulded open. Even worse, the hatch is designed to be only at the open position. It's pretty difficult to see here, but the M2 & M240 mounted machineguns are okay.

The upper hull is moulded in one piece with the side skirts. The detail is rather shallow for the engine deck, but the anti-slip surface is very well done. The gun comes pre-drilled, and can move vertically.

Lower hull is moulded as a one piece tub. Side hull details are simplified, but enough if someone wants to show a blown up tank. Most of the details are hidden once built. (One piece upper hull and closed hatches might be annoying however...)

The decals are very nice and are in register, shame there is only one marking option.

I've done a comparison with the Revell M1A1HA. The Unimax M1A2 seems to be narrower by 2mm, and shorter by 1mm. Another is the rear sprocket's location. About 25-30% of the sprocket is covered by the side skirt, when the real M1A2s are shown to only have a bit of sprocket teeth covered. This is due to the kit sprocket being placed 1mm too far to the front.

Compared to the major manufacturers, this kit is a really simplified version of the M1A2. Accuracy buffs may be horrified if they bought one of these. The Revell Abrams are definitely superior out of the box. However, the kit does have abundant details. The kit can be used in dioramas quite well. Novice modellers may be helped by the single piece vinyl tracks, and the easy clean up/build. The box may say age 14+, but as long as a child has learned not to eat small things, the kit is alright. For the advanced modellers, this kit can be used to practice modelling skills, or build as a one night project. The cheap price ($9-12CDN in my area) helps too. Recommended with reservations.

Review sample purchased by the author.

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Article Last Updated: 09 September 2012