Tiger I

Kit #: 87010 Preview by Henk Timmerman
Edited by Rob Haelterman

Easy-build kit.

The kit comes in a 26 x 17 x 5 cm cardboard box
The kit contains 7 plastic bags of which 3 contain a sprue, while 4 others contain a separately packed upper hull, lower hull, turret and tracks.
The tracks are single pieces of vinyl; they don’t have correct details.
A vinyl commander is included, but the figure is not to scale (too big).
The kit contains 54 parts in total

The instruction manual is excellent and decals for one vehicle are provided.

The examples I have received did not have sinkholes or flash.
Ejector marks were on the inside of the parts (where they will be invisible after construction).
There is no misalignment on the parts.
Only the commander's hatch can be opened or closed, all other hatches are closed.
Tools are molded on.
All inner wheels are constructed as a single part (inline). The outer wheels are separate.
The wheels are detailed on the in- and outside.
Casting quality is good; all parts are sharp and detailed for a “easy-build kit” kit.
Hull width: 51 mm.
Hull length: 80 mm (not counting the fenders)

In comparison with Dragon's Tiger I and Revell's Tiger I, the width will be around 1 mm narrower but length is the same.

Compared to the major manufacturers (Dragon and Revell), this kit is a simplified version of the Tiger I.
The Revell and Dragon Tiger I versions are definitely superior out of the box. However, the kit does have acceptable details. The kit can be used in dioramas quite well. Novice modellers may be helped by the single piece vinyl tracks, and the easy clean-up/build.
The price of the kit is relative low.
Recommended (with reservations) for many modellers.

My thanks to Force of Valor for the preview sample of this kit.

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Article Last Updated: 13 September 2012