M1A2SEP with Mine Clearing Blade System

Kit : # FH33001

Preview by F. Giovagnorio

After their excellent M1A2 SEP kit, Flyhawk proposes another version of the vehicle with the characteristic Mine Clearing Blade System which proved to be much useful for clearing mines in hostile territories. Before Flyhawk, Trumpeter and Dragon had the same idea, producing their mine-clearing versions of the Abrams (in both cases, it was the M1A1 version).

The kit consists of their M1A2 SEP plus the Mine Clearing Blade System, so I am not going to repeat myself about that part of the kit and invite you to read my preview and review of it instead.

The Mine Clearing Blade System set

The set consists in 2 plastic sprues, one color leaflet with instructions and painting scheme and a small plastic bag with a small black chain and black plastic tube.

The parts have the same exact quality of the rest of the kit, which means the typical high-quality Flyhawk standard.

The instructions

Four pages showing very clearly how the system must be assembled, with the clever use of numbering and color that Flyhawk actually masters. I am rather perplexed by the vehicle proposed in the painting scheme, because the same vehicle is proposed in the M1A2 SEP kit without the Mine Clearing blades: so, either that vehicle in different moments mounted the System or one of the two kits is wrong.


The add of the Mine Clearing Blade System lets us build another version of the vehicle that Flyhawk rendered in a beautiful way. I would advice to avoid the finishing scheme proposed and find photographic evidence of a real M1A2 SEP carrying this specific anti-mine system.

Review sample provided by Flyhawk

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Article Last Updated: 10 February 2018