Renault FT-75 BS

Kit #: FH3009

Preview by F. Giovagnorio

Returning to their stunning FT-17 kits, Flyhawk proposes another version of the vehicle, the one which mounted the 75mm Blockhaus Schneider (BS) gun in a newly designed, higher turret. The FT-75 BS did not take part into WW1, but a few saw some action in the French colonies in skirmish campaigns. At least two took part somehow in the May 1940 campaign, while other two FT 75 BS were found by the Allies in Tunisia in 1942 after Operation Torch.

The kit consists of the basic FT-17 kit without the classical turret, so I am not going to repeat myself about that part of the kit and invite you to read Marc Mercier's preview of it instead. Naturally the old turret is substituted with the one of the BS version, followed by a new sprue with all the pieces to build the new version. Decals and PE parts are different too.

The new parts

There are two copies of the new turret and the new sprue, because, as it happens with both the previous FT-17 kits, this one is a "1+1" too.

The parts have the same exact quality of the rest of the kit, which means the typical high-quality Flyhawk standard.

The decals and PE parts

The decals are enough to build two different vehicles with S/N 68330 and 68333, both in the three-tone camouflage typical of post-WW1 French vehicles. In the short time I had to do some research on this vehicle, I must say I could not find any photo of FT-75s with these numbers. However, S/Ns seem to have been in the 67- or 68- range (there is evidence of 67361, 67625 -this one apparently used during the May 1940 campaign-,68462, 68492), so the two S/Ns supplied are probably correct.

The instructions

Four pages showing very clearly how the system must be assembled, with the clever use of numbering and color that Flyhawk actually masters.The last page has information on camouflage and markings.


Everything coming from Flyhawk should be gladly greeted because of the usual high quality of their productions, and this kit is no exception. The FT-75 BS occupies a niche in the history of French AFVs, so this kit is the best way to pay a tribute to this interesting little tank.

Review sample provided by Flyhawk


The first colour and marking option for tank number 68330 can be found in the book Trackstory No.10: Renault FT, by Pascal Danjou, Editions Du Barbotin, 2009 ISBN-10: 2952098875 ISBN-13: 978-2952098878. This book contains a black & white photo of the tank plus a corresponding profile of it in the artwork secton. - A. Magnus

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01 June 2019
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