First To Fight

Polish Field Artillery Crew

Kit #: PL1939 - 055 Preview by Stephen Brezinski - sbrez1(at)comcast(dot)net
Edited by Rob Haelterman

A Morsel of History for the Modeler

This is a set of crew figures for pre-1940 Polish field artillery such as the First to Fight (FtF) Wz.14/19 howitzer kit 052 and kit 060, and the Armata 75mm wz.02/26 light field gun kit 077. These Polish figures may also be used with 1/72-scale kits of the French M1897 75-mm field guns, and Model 14/19 100mm howitzers produced in 1/72-scale by ACE, MarS, and others. The Polish uniforms appear distinct but based on a little research I think these figures could be modified to represent Finnish or Bulgarian soldiers, for example.

The box art shows a gun crew of four servicing what appears to be a 75-mm Wz.1902 filed gun and showing good uniform detail. Note the size of the 75-mm or 76.2-mm round. At lower right the box states there are 16 figures within the box.

Kit Parts
The kit has 16 figures in six different poses and made up of 54 green injection-molded styrene parts on four sprues. Assuming a crew of four, there are enough figures for four guns. Two figures on a sprue have attached heads while two come with three optional heads wearing helmets or caps. The facial and uniform features are decently rendered and acceptable but not quite as well rendered as that of 1/72 Dragon, Preiser and some good resin manufacturers. Some figures have separate limbs.

There are also two smaller sprues holding disc bases for the figures, 75-mm and 100-mm artillery shells, and wz.29 or wz.98 rifles (which are based on the German Mauser K98 rifle). The rifles are well rendered, better than many in this scale, but the 1/72-scale Dragon and Preiser K98 rifles are a little better proportioned and detailed.

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