FEB Na Segunda Guerra Mundial (The Brazilian Expeditionary Force in WW II),

by L.B. Montiero

Every now and again, I start to think that I actually know quite a bit about World War II, and then out of the blue, I am reminded about how little I truly do know about that conflict. For example, until last week, I never knew that Brazil had sent a force of ground troops to join in the fighting on the European continent. This excellent book filled in that particular void in my knowledge quite nicely.

The book is primarily a photo book, with very little text. There is a single paragraph of unit history in the front (in both Portuguese and English) with two maps, and captions for over 50 b&w photos (plus seven color). The reason the history is short, is because this isn't really a history book, but rather a modeler's reference book, with four color profiles, and b&w profiles for 19 vehicles (jeeps, trucks and M-8 armored cars). And here's the best part: the book also includes a decal sheet with all the markings needed to make any of the described vehicles in both 1/35th and 1/72nd scales. Outstanding! So for those of you who bought the new Extratech M-8 and were looking for unique markings, here's your answer.

Thank you very much to Augusto Versiani for providing the review sample.

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