Barco de Assalto (German Rubber Assault Boat)
Kit # FB72004 Preview by Rob Haelterman - heman_148(at)hotmail(dot)com

Picture by FBMinis, used with permission

1. Packaging:

Small sealed plastic bag.

2. Type of kit:

Stand alone resin kit. Very limited production run.

3. Quality:

Casting quality is very good with nice detail; small parts on a sprue.

4. Contents

The set consists of two rubber assault boats and four oars, all in resin.

5. Instruction sheet:

Nihil. (Not really necessary either.)

The boat respresents a "Kleine Flossack 34".

6. Decals and painting options:


7. General Impression:

Very good. With enough of these boats you can make a pontoon bridge.

8. References




With thanks to FBMinis for the review sample.

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Article Last Updated: 16 August 2009