Erwin Rommel and Staff
Kit # EXB 72006 Review by Doug Chaltry

Overall an excellent set of figures. I like this set better than previous ExtraTech figure sets. For the most part, the figures are very well proportioned, and exceptionally detailed. The only [minor] complaint I have is the figure in the upper right of the scan (Colonel Bayerlein) is kind of shaped like a woman, i.e., wide hips and narrow shoulders (no offense to women). It's even more obvious when looking at the rear and side views. But perhaps it won't be so obvious once the arms are attached. The other question I have is, wasn't Rommel short? I thought he was shorter than most men. Oh well.

Check out the etched brass ... it's got shoulder boards, belt buckles, various medals, a clipboard and a pistol case. The pistol is a little narrow, being only one layer, and will benefit from thickening a bit.

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Article Last Updated: 31 May 2005