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Kit #: EXB72011 Preview by José María Teja - m_teja(at)hotmail(dot)com

This is a bagged kit that consists of one photo etched fret with 18 parts and 10 resin pieces attached individually to small resin blocks (picture shows them already cleaned).

The crane’s main structure is achieved by folding the two largest PE parts. A big drawback is that it will look rather flat compared to the real thing, which was made from tubular construction.

Though the model is intended for Luftwaffe WWII airfield dioramas, since it includes optional parts for the fittings used to hoist Junkers Jumo 004 or Daimler-Benz DB 601-605 aircraft engines, it can have some other uses. For example, I’m planning a diorama based on a couple of pictures where the crane can be seen lifting a V-2 missile (check V-2 Rocket.com under the section Deployment - Firing Procedure).

A note from Tony Ivey: This crane is not the one actually lifting the V-2 from the train to the trailer. This crane is not strong enough for that task. It is actually seen lifting the V-2's warhead (encased in a protective sheath), while the crew prepares to bolt it to the V-2 body.

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Article Last Updated: 13 February 2010