Medium A "Whippet"
  Kit # 5004

OK, so am I the only one who looks at that box top, and thinks that the tank is driving away from the viewer? What a weird looking tank ...

But ... the kit is great. For those of you who have seen Emhar's previous A7V, you'll know what to expect with this model. It is an extremely simple kit with few parts, but the detail molded onto these parts is fantastic. Even the tracks are nicely done for a change. Although they are molded onto the kit, they look great. The hull is made up of several oddly-shaped pieces, as you can see below, but it looks as though it will go together quite easily.

There are several marking options, and the decals look very good too. The red and white marks are quite vivid, but I think we'd be better off painting these marks, although masking for them may be a pain.

Although it is difficult to measure prior to construction, I've compared the kit to drawings in Wydawnictwo Militaria #30 - British Tanks 1914-1918, and it looks very close to scale, and the details match up very well. Very nice kit.

Thank you very much to Michael Hatch for the providing the review item.

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