Panther Ausf. D/A Photoetched Brass

Manufacturer: Eduard (# 22024)

This set contains well over 150 parts, including:

In some ways, this set is better than the previous Panther set, but in others, not as good. This set is designed for the Revell D/A, whereas their previous Panther A set was designed for the ESCI kit. The scale differences between the two kits are enough to warrant separate sets. This is an outstanding set, and includes many of the turret details that were missing for the Ausf. D, such as pistol ports, ammunition loading hatch, etc. I am very happy with this set's treatment of the pioneer tools. For the most part, it calls for the use of the tools that came with the kit, which are 3-dimensional. However, it replaces some of the flat parts, such as the shovel blade, with better representations. I hope this is a trend for future sets. Noteably missing from the set are the spare track links from their previous Panther set, which were very nice. Regardless, I highly recommend this set.

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