Leopard 2A4 Photoetched Brass

Manufacturer: Eduard (# 22016)

This set contains 131 parts, including:

As with the T-80, the main purpose of this set is to provide all the details that are missing from the kit, such as the grenade launchers and other turret details. The use of this set will go a long way in bringing the turret detail of the Revell kit up to the same level as the Hasegawa kit. Most of this set would be useless for the Hasegawa kit, as it provides mostly details that the Revell kit lacks, but which are already present on the Hasegawa kit. Some of the parts are useless (as you probably expected I would say), such as the pioneer tools, hand holds and tow cables (?!). Overall, however, this set would be a welcome addition to the Revell Leopard 2A4. Note that many of the turret detail parts are made superfluous with the release of the Leopard 2A5 kit, which includes many of the missing details. Consequently, only some portions of this set would be useful for that kit. The instructions are very good.

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