Sd.Kfz. 234/2 Detail Set
Kit # 22094 Preview by Doug Chaltry - 172tankmodeler(at)comcast(dot)net

One of two detail sets available for the 234/2 Puma, this set is much simpler than the competing set from PART. Although fewer parts are included in this set, the majority of them will be highly useful in improving the looks of any Puma model (the set is marketed specifically towards the Hasegawa kit). About the only items in this set I won't use are the pioneer tools, though I'll cut off the shovel blades and replace their shafts with plastic rod. Of particular interest in this set are the parts to detail the turret hatches, such as the periscope details, but replacement hatches themselves are not included. License plates are included, though I am fairly certain that these plates were not used, as the license numbers were painted directly onto the vehicle's hull. This is a really nice set.


Scans by Rob Haelterman.

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Article Last Updated:
01 December 2009
01 March 2012