Czech Hedgehog

Kit #: 22067 Preview by José M. Teja - jm_teja(at)hotmail(dot)com
Edited by Al Magnus

This set includes two copies of the same PE fret, with parts to make 18 anti-tank obstacles. Notice that these have L shaped (in cross section) arms, since these kinds of obstacles were made from different types of steel beams.

The only drawback I see with this set is that the bolts that hold together the arms of the obstacle are simulated by perforations. To compensate for this issue, the instructions give you the option to make bolt heads by pushing hot plastic sprue through other perforations on the edge of the PE fret and cutting the extruded material once it’s cooled. Sounds simple enough but it could be a tedious work considering the enormous amount of bolt heads necessary!

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Article Last Updated: 18 January 2012