WWII German Tiger I Initial Production

Kit # E72-006

Preview by Rob Haelterman - heman_148(at)hotmail(dot)com

Picture by Al Magnus.

This, to E.T. standards, medium-sized PE set is meant for Dragon's Tiger I Late Production (kit 7370), but I believe other Tiger kits might use parts of this sheet (from Dragon or others), if you so desire.
Disclaimer: I don't have the Dragon kit this set is meant for, so I cannot give a complete and objective apprehension of the value of this set. 

What does this E.T. sheet give you ?
- Various fittings, clamps, lift hooks and handles. These will definitely improve the kit parts.
- Tools. I've never been convinced by PE tools, except perhaps for a wrench or tow shackle. Items like a shovel will, in my opinion, always look too flat. The multipart extinguisher, Notek and jack will be difficult to assemble, and I am not sure if the result will look better than the corresponding kit part.
- Front and rear mud-flaps. These look very good and will improve scale thickness, and facilitate the simulation of battle damage.
- Detail for the area around the transmission.
- Periscopes and covers.
- New Rommelkisten. I am not sure how you will manage to fold this correctly. (Perhaps by using the kit part as a support.)
- S-minen attachments.
- Holders for the spare tracks on the bow.
- Weld seams. I don't know about kit 7370, but the kits I have (7251 "Mid Production" and 7357 "Fehrman") do not have convincing weld marks, so I guess this is valid for all Dragon Tigers. Then again, I don't see why E.T. did not include the separate sprue with PE weld marks in all of their Tiger sets. (E.g. set 72-003 does not contain them; actually both sets have little in common.)
- A plate with "Tiger I Initial Production 1/72" and elephant insignia, which will look great on a display stand.

In all, a sheet with potential, including parts that are within reach of every modeler with basic PE-experience and some parts to raise the bar for others.


Sample kindly provided by John Wreford of Cove Models Ltd.

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Article Last Updated: 16 October 2010