WWII German King Tiger (Henschel Turret)

Kit # E72-004

Preview by Rob Haelterman - heman_148(at)hotmail(dot)com

Picture by Al Magnus.

This, to E.T. standards, medium-sized PE set is meant for the Dragon King Tiger with Henschel turret. The manual adds that it is for kit 7240, but I see no reason why it would not work for kit 7246. (These are, respectively, the kit with and without Zimmerit.) Some parts might even be used for a King Tiger with Porsche turret or King Tigers from other kit manufacturers.

What does this E.T. sheet give you ?
- Various fittings, clamps, lift hooks and handles. These will definitely improve the kit parts.
- Tools. I've never been convinced by PE tools, except perhaps for a wrench or tow shackle. Items like a shovel will, in my opinion, always look too flat. The multipart extinguisher and jack will be difficult to assemble, and I am not sure if the result will look better than the kit part.
- Tow cable.
- Periscopes and covers. I should check how this works out, but they should look better than the kit part, which is just a solid block.
- Fenders and attachments. If you manage to fold them correctly, they will look great and will make it very easy to simulate battle damage.
- Grills for about everything that needs them on the engine deck. Dragon gives four of them in the base kit. E.T. Gives nine grills and optional armour plates to go over them if you so desire. This will definitely enhance the kit.
- MG mount, ring sight and ammo. These look good, apart from the ammo, which is too flat.
- Umbrella-type antenna (Sternantennen) for those who would like to build a Befehlspanzer.
- Separate hangers for the spare tracks on the turret. (These are integrated with the spare tracks in kit 7240.)
- Quite a number of other sundry bits, including workable hinges.
- A plate with "King Tiger Panzerkampfwagen Tiger Ausf. B 1944-1945" which will look great on a display stand.

In all, a sheet with potential, including parts that are within reach of every modeler with basic PE-experience and some parts to raise the bar for others.
When I get round building one of my King Tiger kits, I will give it a try and tell you more.


Sample kindly provided by John Wreford of Cove Models Ltd.

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Article Last Updated: 12 October 2010