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Modern German Leopard 2A5

Kit #: E72-002 Review by Al Magnus - one72guy@hotmail.com
Edited by Al Magnus

Another very extensive detail set, this time for the German Leopard 2A5 MBT. The intended base kit stated on the packaging is the Revell kit, number 0389. This appears to be incorrect. I could not find any reference to a Revell Leopard with this part number. The actual Revell kit looks to be 3105.
(See the OTW preview of the Revell 3105 Leopard 2A5 kit here).

Inside the package you get one fret of etched brass, a fret of silver coloured metal of unknown type, plus two pages of comprehensive instructions. Etchings are first rate with the engine screens being particularly fine.

A set of pioneer tools are provided to replace the set molded onto the hull. I haven't seen the original plastic parts, but the OTW review does contain pictures of the sprues and the molded on tools appear to be quite well done, so I don't know if the ET Model replacements will be much of an improvement given their very flat appearance.

On the other hand there are many nice touches to the set. For example there are MG sights and a new ammo box with a belt of ammunition, various handles (which require some holes to be drilled for mounting), covers with chains for the smoke dischargers and for the turret new bins and replacement panels with bolt detail. For some items such as the handles, the modeller will have to trim off the original molded on plastic versions before fitting the ET Model replacements. Some wire pieces are also needed and these will have to be supplied by the modeller though the required lengths and diameters are stated on the instruction sheet. The instructions also provide the original kit part number (where applicable) to which the etched pieces are to be applied.
(To see an online image of the kit instructions visit Henk of Holland's web site here.)

This set looks to be a great improvement over the kit's plastic pieces, though some may find the rather one dimensional aspect of the etchings, such as the pioneer tools, not to their liking. There are a lot of very small parts, like the MG sights, so a deft touch will definitely be needed to avoid damaging them or having them swallowed by the "carpet monster".

Thanks to John Wreford of Cove Models Ltd. (UK) for this review sample.

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Article Last Updated: 04 May 2010

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