T-34/85 mod. 1944 late production
Review by Simon barnes Kit No. 7270

This kit sort of comes between the earlier T-34/85 mod 44 from dragon and the T-34/85 from Revell. It has all the attributes of the Revell kit with the exception of the front fenders. Essentially this is the T-34/85 Mod 44 with the exception of the new commanders cupola and a new PE set.

Timothy Lau comments: Dragon's 7270 has a different turret from Dragon 7269. See picture below.

The cupola is the one piece hatch type as in the Revell kit. However unlike the Revell kit the top of the cupola is wrong. Dragon have made the hatch and top a 50/50 split whereas is real life the it is more of a 60/40 with the actual hatch being the bigger piece, however the periscope is provided as a separate item.

The star of this kit has to be the PE set, not only does it include all the "Bedspring" armour fitted during the advance into Berlin but is also has a new radiator/Fan cover with bolt detail it also has positional vents for under the cover and all the engine deck intakes in PE as well, all the mounting brackets for the armour are supplied as PE and there are various PE fitting to enhance the vehicle, this set better and more appropriate than most of the aftermarket set that you can buy !

The Decals are well printed in register and nice and thin

Markings are provided for 5 vehicles

With the exception of the cupola, this is a very nice and complete kit from Dragon, another plus is that the Armo Barrel fits into the turret without modification.


Russian T-34 battletank by Horst Schiebert Schiffer publications

T-34 in action By Steven Zaloga and James Grandsen Squadron/Signal Publications

T-34/85 1944-1994 by Steven Zaloga And Peter Sarson Osprey New Vanguard 20

Unknown T-34 Russian Publication so I can't understand a word but great drawings and pictures

Tankomaster Hull Drawings

M-Hobby Hull and Turret drawings

Plus Various other Russian Publications that when I find out what they are called in English I will add to the list

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