Sd.Kfz.164 Nashorn

Kit #: 7292 Preview by Marko Mäkinen - mtm66pz(at)yahoo(dot)com
Edited by Al Magnus

There are currently two nice kits of the Nashorn in 1/72nd scale, this being the other one and Revell offering a competing product. Both are modern, highly detailed and crisply molded kits, and it is a matter of preference which to choose.

Dragon offers flexible DS tracks while Revell resorts to hard plastic link-and-length style tracks. Dragon has the lower chassis slide-molded in one piece, whereas Revell provides several pieces. There are also some other part layout differences and Dragon, for instance, gives the road wheels molded together as pairs. It may be that Revell has a slight edge detail-wise, but let it be made clear that the Dragon Nashorn is still one of the sharpest and most detailed kits available. Especially the 88 mm main gun is a work of art. Being an open topped vehicle with a lot of interior detailing and small, delicate parts, this kit is sure to require quite a lot of work but should reward the effort in a convincing looking replica.

The painting guide gives the kit seven different painting options from several theatres of war. These are backed by the decal sheet which provides individual vehicle numbers as separate digits in five different styles. This makes it possible to choose from a wide variety of finishing options. Unit or individual markings are provided for five of these.

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Article Last Updated: 08 March 2011