Kit #: 7256 Preview by Marko Mäkinen - mtm66pz(at)yahoo(dot)com
Edited by Al Magnus

The E-100 was an experimental vehicle, which never got fully finished. Therefore it is impossible to know what the actual vehicle would have looked like had it been completed. Dragon has chosen to portray the E-100 with a turret strongly reminiscent of the Maus turret, and this is probably a valid guess.

The kit is sharply molded in a good quality plastic and all relevant pieces seem to be present. Although this is an enormous kit, it is surprisingly simple. The overall appearance of the kit in the box is otherwise very good, but the colossal size of the vehicle underlines its relative lack of detail it boasts large surfaces of armor with nothing going on. Realistic, maybe, but also a little dull. The tracks are Dragon's familiar elastic DS styrene, and also a small fret of photoetch for the intake grilles is included. As a bonus there are also two crewmen figures accurately molded in realistic poses.

The decal sheet consists of individual vehicle numbers in three different styles and also three different sets of balkenkreuzes, so the modeller can hypothesize the markings according to his wishes. Imaginary kill marks are also included as well as Russian markings for a captured vehicle.

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Article Last Updated: 05 March 2011