Brummbär Mid Production

Kit # 7242

Review by Robert Krumpschmid - robert(dot)kru(at)gmx(dot)at
Edited by Rob Haelterman

I got an early example for review and I can therefore show you some pictures of the sprue layout.

The general lay-out is pictured below, and the sprues show some changes to earlier releases:
- The idler mount is now separate so you can adjust the track tension but the construction looks fiddly and weak.
- Some parts had smarter connection points to the sprues in the past; this time more cleaning is required.
- The "Filzbalgfilter" and antenna for a command vehicle are included.

Lower and upper hull.
The welded plates with thread for Schürzen rails are missing in the kit, but the shape looks excellent.
You get no Zimmerit, which is a must for this version.

Schürzen are provided only in plastic. They are thinner than in Stug kits but you still get no PE parts. Hangers are a little thick. I am not sure about the shape of the first sheet.


The wheels and suspension are in the usual Dragon style. In the box are 18 tires but according to the manual you need 20 (including 4 spare wheels).

You get the common DS tracks, still with the usual warping and some PE parts for the air intakes. There are no towing ropes included.

Decals are for 3 versions. I guess the year 1943 is just a typing mistake.

Overall a nice kit. The quality is high but in my opinion the Pz4 F/G kits are better.

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Article Last Updated: 06 September 2010