Henschel Jagdtiger w/2 metric ton lifting crane

Kit #: 7345 Preview by Kevin Liang - kevin_liang123(at)yahoo(dot)ca
Edited by Rob Haelterman

Picture from Henk of Holland website, used with permission.

This kit is meant to represent a Henschel suspension Jagdtiger with a lifting crane. This kit contains parts from the old Dragon Jagdtiger kit, but also has newly tooled parts! The instructions are printed well. Just from looking at the first page, there's going to be loads of spare parts. There's little to no flash.

Overall, the kit is very well moulded. Dragon's slide moulds are producing very fine results.

The upper hull has very nice weld seams. For some asinine reason, Dragon chose to mould the radioman's hatch open, but not the driver's. Several spare hatches are provided, so if you wish to open up the driver's position, it should be some easy surgery. However, the hatches do not have details on the inside. The commander's hatch is also open, and has inner details.

As you can see, all of the tools are moulded on the hull. Although separate tools are better, this effort is acceptable. Test fit of the lower and upper hull shows very good fit. The nose welding seam joins quite well!

Sprue C contains various accoutrements, engine deck, and rear hull plate. The engine deck has the access hatch moulded open. The rudimentary engine is actually quite good, though a resin update set would be better. If you wish to open the engine cover, it should be enough.

This sprue contains the advertised 2 metric ton lifting crane. This sprue is from the Bergetiger (P) kit, and the spare parts show.

These sprues contain the sideskirt (which is way too thick, replace it with PE set from Eduard if you wish), guns, and superstructure parts. This kit comes with the 128mm and 88mm gun, should you elect to build the elusive Jagdtiger mit 88mm Pak 43. (If you do, the mantlet has to be filled, as it is too big to hold the 88mm. The cast texture on the mantlet and frontal superstructure is well replicated, as are the weld seams.

The old Dragon Jagdtiger kit had a different suspension. The final row of roadwheels was mounted as one piece. (This can be seen in ready made display kits.) For some reason, the drive sprockets did not align, and consequently the tracks did not fit the sprockets. These retooled suspension parts look much superior. The old idler wheel did not have details on the inner side, now it does. Furthermore, all the roadwheels are moulded separately.

The tracks are DS, and have great details. Of course, since it's a soft band track, it will bend in the middle around the sprocket, so reinforcing the track is recommended. The PE set is quite big, and contains engine grilles, chains for the crane, and various accoutrements.

There are two markings supplied by Dragon.

Conclusion: This is an excellent kit, the price is rather cheap. ($9 on DragonUSA's website) There are huge amounts of parts for the ever hungry spares bin. Highly recommended.

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Article Last Updated: 05 April 2013