Lancia 3 RO

From Faustnik - jmqtv(at)

Manufacturer: DOC Models (Kit #DM72300)

What you Get:

USEFUL References:

CLARINGBOLD, Trevor, Plan I-3

LACEY, Geoff, Plan IT20

VANDERVEEN, Bart, 1989. Wheels & Tracks Historic Military Vehicles Directory, After the Battle Pub.


This is the new offering from DOC models, after their FIAT 626 NLM. The quality, while not up to the level of AL.BY is good but not exceptional. While my specimen doesn't have any bubbles or warping, some areas need a careful and energetic cleaning. Also some areas will need some super-detailing, particularly the driving cab.

As far as scale is concern, using the available data, this is the result:

  Dimensions in mm
  Real 1/72 Kit
Wheel base 4300 59,72 61,70
Cargo width 2295 31,877 33,55
Driving Cab Width 2098 29,138 31,45

From this evaluation, the current model is near the 1/70-1/69, than the 1/72.


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