Runddiorama Deutschland
(Round diorama Germany)

Kit #: DH-R-0003 Preview by Rob Haelterman

Picture taken (with permission) from the site of MBM Models.

This set represents a timber framed house with two sections of cobble stones at different levels, which will guarantee a high degree of dynamism if both levels are used for. On the top level one would typically put some figures, while the lower can take an AFV and perhaps some extra figures as well.

Inside the sturdy cardboard box you will find massive chunks of resin and a few metal parts. Despite the size of the parts, casting is as good as perfect.

The house is one massive block, with no interior but great detail on the outside.


The wall section is detailed on both sides where it is needed.

Smaller parts.

It is clear where the master maker found the source material.

Metal parts


Dry fit of the main parts.


This set would be a guaranteed success in any display stand if suitably painted.
My only gripe about this set is that it is rather small. The raised section can accomodate some figures, but the street section won't handle most tanks.
As you can see below, a Comet (which isn't a particularly large tank) won't fit, but a Hetzer goes in nicely.


Result after assembly and paint. (Poster from spares box and area around chimney base from scratch.)


Result after adding an S-Model Kubelwagen and Milicast figures.



Review sample partially sponsored by MBM Models.

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22 October 2021
23 March 2022
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