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WWII German/Italian AFV License Plates/Vehicle ID & Kill Markings

Decal Set #: MI-109 Preview by Al Magnus - one72guy(at)hotmail(dot)com

This set is marketed for 15mm scale vehicles.

There are two small sheets in a package, each being approximately 89mm long by 47mm wide. Each sheet is identical containing the same vehicle license plate combinations, as listed below:

ItalyGermany GermanyGermany

RE 5633
RE 4445
RE 4449
RE 4466
RE 4474
RE 5052
RE 6225

WH 2060
WH 41268
WH 48015
WH 48093
WH 48108
WH 49058
WH 49068
WH 800920
WH 1386659
WH 1542905
WH 1582893
WH 1629254

WL 55431
WL 97034
WL 113859
WL 391895

SS 998
SS 999
SS 3005
SS 5944
SS 9301
SS 49815
SS 50857
SS 51000
SS 51383
SS 89633
SS 152276
SS 170477

Plates come in two shapes: large rectangles and bars.
For the Italian plates the large rectangles are about 3mm wide by 2mm tall and the bars are about 4mm wide by 1mm tall.
For the German plates the large rectangles are about 3.5mm wide by 2mm tall and the bars are about 5mm wide by 1mm tall.
Also included in the set are some gun barrel kill rings in black and white in groups of 5, 10, 20 and 30.

As for the plate numbers I have no idea if they are based on real plate numbers or just made up. I can say that plate SS-51383 does belong to an Adler 3Gd of the 3rd SS Division "Totenkopf", according to the SS Plate Number List found on the website (which also has a link to a picture of the vehicle).

The printing for the most part appears to be excellent though there is a bit of out of register printing apparent on some of the Italian plates which have a partial thin black outline. Also a few of the plate numbers are skewed somewhat to the left side of the plate. Each image is printed on a separate piece of very thin clear transfer material as opposed to being printed on a continuous clear sheet. The inks appear to be quite opaque and should not allow dark camouflage to bleed through and alter the colour.

Thanks to Dave Winfree of Decal Details for this review sample.

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Article Last Updated: 10 February 2011