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Daimler Dingo Detail Set

Kit #: C-72133 Preview by Rob Haelterman

This set is aimed both at the 1/72 S-Model Dingo and the 1/76 Matchbox (Revell) Dingo, and this is where things are slightly confusing, as the label only mentions 1/72 (and set number C-72135), while the instructions carry set number C-76134, but are clearly aimed at both scales. The modeler should note that the S-Model kit represents a Dingo Mk I, while the Matchbox kit represents a Dingo Mk II, which means that some parts will not be used for your particular choice of kit. We assume that our readers are faithful to the One True Scale and thus, from now on, we will discuss this set with only the S-model kit in mind.

The parts are crisp but not without some minor air bubbles. The PE set is very nicely done.

The instruction sheet is exemplary, and will require a few minutes of attention to read through. Care should be taken only to consider that part of the instructions that refers to the S-Model kit.
The instructions also tell you how to modify the S-Model Dingo Mk I into a Mk II using parts in this set and parts of the Matchbox kit.

In all, this set is a welcome addition, as it will allow the S-Model kit to be built with the roof open and, possibly, some crew figures manning the vehicle.



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Article Last Updated: 06 October 2018